G3 Softinc is a software solutions company that specializes in Application Development, Software Testing and Technology Consulting to corporations and government institutions. 

The company has been acknowledged by Oracle Corporation as their technology partner. With facilities in India & US, G3 has the capability to provide organizations with services and solutions that help them achieve their business goals in an efficient cost effective manner.

Our services include:

Business Analysis

Application Development using Java, .Net

Client /Server Architecture

Business Intelligence

ERP & Database Administration

Database Development

Data Warehousing

Project Management

Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Application Development

Application development is complex and dynamic. To meet business needs, leaders must align with an IT services partner that possesses a proven track record, a quality approach to delivering consistent results and the expertise required to drive successful outcomes. G3 focuses on working strategically with you to help achieve your business objectives. Our development process and methodologies are very flexible and can be easily integrated with your software development processes and methodologies. We have the infrastructure, processes and technology to provide an efficient Onsite – Offsite model that helps client achieve cost efficiencies in development. Our competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services to our customers G3 has the ability and expertise to deliver turnkey software applications or can partner with clients or third parties to develop software at any phase of the development life cycle. We have expertise in various technologies including but not limited to JAVA, J2EE, Oracle, .NET, EAI, Wireless and Cloud Computing.

Application Maintenance

All businesses are working towards integrating their business goals and IT strategies under tight budgets and timelines. Business are constantly having to respond to rapidly changing customer requirements and evolving regulatory and business landscape. This caused IT applications to come under increasing pressure to support these changing conditions. Increasingly complex applications, high ongoing maintenance costs, and skill shortages can significantly distract attention from core business functions and can be quite challenging to businesses. G3 can take the help handle the heavy lifting in maintaining your applications leaving you free to concentrate on expanding and maintaining your core business.

G3 has deep expertise and experience in maintaining applications developed on various platforms. We can support applications developed in various technologies including Java, J2EE, .Net, Oracle and Sybase among others. Our services include bug fixes, minor enhancements, software versioning as well as production support. Our expertise in application management and related processes will ensure that your systems are always ready and rapidly evolve, keeping pace with your business. Our preventive and adaptive approach towards reducing system downtime and the time and energy you spend on maintaining your applications helps you focus more towards expanding your business and meeting your customer needs.


G3 has a deep pool of experienced professionals who have demonstrated time and again a deep understanding of client needs and an ability to deliver on those needs. Our professionals are well qualified and are dedicated to provide incredible value to our clients. Our consultants and employees are screened and identified as a perfect fit before they are recommended for an appropriate position. We pride ourselves on the ability to identify the right people for the positions within client organizations and place those individuals in a timely manner. We have partnered with clients in variety of fields including telecommunications, investment banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, transportation and state government agencies to provide consultants both onsite and offsite/offshore. G3 has the competency to provide cost effective services of experienced consultants, in a broad array of technologies including but limited to J2EE, Java, .Net and Oracle. Our testing professionals follows a flexible methodology that adheres to clients standards and practices in testing software applications.